Glossary: ​​Latin Cross

The Christian cross as a symbol

The Latin cross is the central symbol of faith in Christianity. It is also called “Long Cross” because it is characterized by the fact that the longitudinal bar is longer than the transverse one.

This symbol is often associated with the crucifixion of Jesus, then it is also called the "passion cross" (passion = suffering). But even in Christianity, the cross has long not only stood for death and redemption - but also for the connection between divine heaven and the world. And also for the connection of the individual human being with the divine (vertical axis), as well as with the earth and others (horizontal axis).

Of course, like all other crosses, it can also be associated and interpreted symbolically or esoterically with the number symbolism of four. It stands for the material, the physical and the mortal world, which emerged from the divine trinity (= holy trinity) and is overcome again with the five – expressed, among other things, by the five wounds of Jesus. Therefore, for Christians, the cross is also a symbol of overcoming death and of hope.

Interestingly, the cross symbol is also found in Christianity as a ritual: the cross sign. It serves to praise God and is at the same time a symbolic prayer with a request for his gifts.

For many Christians, the cross is a symbol of identification and is particularly popular with men and women as jewelry on a necklace. Because what you “on the Heart wears” really belongs to one. Of course there are also chic earrings, rings, bracelets & Co. to choose from.

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