Glossary: ​​Ladybug

The ladybug as a symbol and in its meaning

The classic ladybug with its seven black dots on the red body is considered a loving lucky charm, like the shamrock, and likes to bring a smile to your face when you meet it. You can find it regularly on birthday cards, as spring chocolate or, of course, as a piece of jewelery for children and happy women. 

This is not only due to its special colouring, but also to the fact that it has always been a useful creature in the garden. Its name connects the beetle with the Holy Virgin Mary, the Germans already baptized it “freya-fugle” – the little bird of the goddess Freya. Every now and then the ladybug is queried as "Holy Animal of Freya" in the crossword puzzle.

The vivid color serves as a warning to potential predators. The Herrgottskäfer is not necessarily poisonous - but tastes very bitter. Interestingly, the main enemy of the ladybug is its closest relative. When larvae of different species meet, they eat each other. In Germany alone there are around 80 different ladybird species.

In English, the little animal is called “Ladybird”. The ladybug was also considered sacred in ancient India, not least because of the symbolic importance of the sacred number seven. With its combination of 3 (= the spiritual) and 4 (= the material), it represents the entire creation.

The little red plane is said to bring joy, luck, peace and love, fulfill dreams and wishes and is therefore a wonderful gift! 🐞

Interesting background information on the colorful insect can be found in this article by TiHo Hannover.

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